Why Did I Have To Go There?

I was on my honeymoon, so why did I have to go there? I got married this year in a beautiful, intimate, personal ceremony. We went all the way to Westbrook, CT alone and tied the knot. We drove for 15 hours (due to traffic and an accident on the freeway) and did it all exactly the way we wanted. We actually took the plunge! It was surreal for a little while, but it did happen.IMG_20140627_221553

It was a perfect day. So, the next day, we decided to go to New York. We rode the train because she had never done that before and I wanted to get to New York. Great compromise, right? Except why did I have to go there? We had a nice lunch and it was an absolutely beautiful day, so we decided to walk around and see the sites that we really wanted to see. First thing – I completely forg0t all the sites that I wanted to see, all I could think of was the 911 Memorial. What? Why would I go there?


Ever since that horrible day, I have had an uncontrollable pull to the site. I really don’t know why. I did not, personally, know anyone that died or was affected by that horrific tragedy, but I cried uncontrollably when it happened. I was there, in New York, and I had to do it. It made me sad the day after I got married. Not quite the way to start a honeymoon.

We rebounded and had a great time… but why… why did I have to go there? I have battled with bouts of depression my entire life, but I think I left a bit of it there. Maybe I released it into that hole. Maybe I had to go there to let go of something in order to move forward and be happy. Maybe…


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