Daily Prompt – Can’t Watch This… Final Destination 2, 3, 4…

I know, I know, the Final Destination movie series has many fans and followers – including my wife. The first one was okay – it had a story that made me think. Does death have a method? Is there really a certain time for every person? In an accident, why does one person survive and the others do not? If this method or timetable is disrupted (if it can be), will death really come back for the originally planned person? I loved that about the movie. But, did it really need a sequel?

The subsequent films only showed an enormous amount of blood and guts. Was there really a story involved? Did the directors only want to shock and repulse the watchers? There were some predictable moments and it seemed that the idea was to get you at the moment that you thought it was over. I understand the philosophy behind that, but I enjoy a good story. These films lost the edge, the curiosity, the wonderment of it all. So, I lost interest. As I said earlier, my wife loves them, so I had to suffer through them to keep a happy home:)






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