Taking a Hiatus… Really??

Hiatus is defined as “a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process” in the dictionary. It explains a break in a usual pattern or routine of events. I was going to come on here and explain to you why I have been on a hiatus from my writing for the last couple of weeks, but as I thought about it, I was not really on one. I have, indeed, been working and writing, but not to the level that I would like. I use this as a forum to keep a journal, a way to get things off of my mind and move on to the next thing. Well, my mind has been going overtime, but my fingers have been lazy as a Sunday in the summertime.


As some of you know, writing is my passion, but I need more practice (according to the publishers and professionals in the arena). I actually allowed the negative comments to get to me and sunk into a hole of pity and unworthiness. Then, I realized that I am doing this for me! I made a conscious decision to change my life and make it into the life that I dream for me. In doing so, I created a life plan, a dream and inspiration board, a couple of new business ventures and truly put myself first. While treading these new waters – in the shallow end – I stumbled into what I like about me and what I don’t like. If I am to change anything, it has to begin in my own mind. I have continuously subscribed to the negative parts of any and every thing in my life. I think about past mistakes and possible disasters in the future. I have recently begun to see that there is so much beauty, love, happiness, and possibility around me that it is ridiculous to ignore that and dwell on the ugly. So, with the help of God, my family and entire support system, I am climbing out of that hole and reaching for the dream.

2013-06-21 23.18.15

My dream board is covered with so many things that it is hard to focus sometimes, but every day when I wake up, one thing stands out to me on it and that is the thing that I will focus on for that day – for as long as it stands out to me and/or until it is accomplished. So, I’m back and here to stay… “Icon in the Making!”



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