Hand Me Downs… That’s all I know

“We LOVE Free,” “Don’t turn down nothing but your collar,” and “It is brand new to you!” These phrases were frequent when I was younger. So much so, that I got tired of hearing them. At first, I didn’t care or even really realize that someone else had worn these clothes before or that somebody else rode that bike first. I was just happy to get something. They were like little unexpected presents. Grandma would wash, dry and even iron the clothes up and put them on hangers in the closet and when I saw them, I was so geeked. “I’m wearing this one to school on Monday, no I’m gonna save it til Friday, yeah. I will be so sharp!” I thought. Then, people started to talk – at school, those were last year’s jeans – that sweater went out of style already – ruined my entire perception! Then, my mom would buy new shoes to set the outfit off and voila, everything was beautiful again! She would also say, “You don’t have to be like everybody else. What if you don’t like the style that they chose for this season?” I thought about that a lot.

I am not like those other girls and I hate the way they all dress just alike. So sparked my uniqueness and the acquiring of my own style. Yes, they laughed and talked about me – SO! I liked being different – I liked that no one else looked just like me. So what that I wore business suits and dresses with heels to school. I loved it. I would allow them to work for me one day – lol.

Now, it’s called being “retro” and everyone is in on the fun. Resale shops are laughing all the way to the bank. Well, maybe we sparked their enthusiasm for the old becoming new… maybe I’m a trailblazer and I always was….PhotoCollage_1182238592


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