Write Without Overthinking What Happens…

A couple of months ago I took the BloggingU course – Writing 101 – and on the very first day they gave the assignment to simply write. Take 20 minutes and just free write. I am a pen and paper type of girl, so I wrote and I loved it! It took me back to when I was young and wrote just for myself. It took me to the days when I just knew that I would become a great author and teacher.


Okay, so this is what I wrote:

Writers are a different kind of people. They think, act and see things differently than most. When a writer reads a story, they can actually see the characters and scenes in their minds. When they watch TV or movies, they can predict the story lines, are critical of the casting choices, and walk away saying, “I would’ve done this or that.” Or is that just me?

We also get inspiration from unlikely places. Whenever we travel – scenery and people watching always spark something creative in me – blogs, articles for the magazine, hub pages, even new stories come to mind. Like when we drove to Connecticut from Michigan, we had to literally drive all the way across Pennsylvania and it was mostly mountains and forests. At least, that’s what I noticed. I started to think about the saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” I got the idea of an article about seeing the big picture. But, when I got home, I started to overthink it. I wanted to just write what I was thinking, but I started thinking about word count and what the editor would say here or there. It soon turned into an advertisement for my business. Does that mean I’m doing too much?

forest2 tree

I JUST WANT TO WRITE! The things that I’ve been doing have started to bore me – they are more like reporting and they haven’t had much creativity in them. So, I started the blog – where I can just write whatever I want and be happy! I can be me – I can rant – I can give my opinion. I still want to build my skills and my portfolio, so here is where I am.

That is what I wrote then and still how I feel now. I’m trying to find a way to incorporate my personality into my articles and find my “voice.” I want to be professional and fun… does this exist? Any tips? You guys are pros, help a fellow artist out.



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