Your Vote Does Count…

I’ve asked so many people are they registered and do they vote. Many say “No, my vote doesn’t count anyway.” In that instance, they are actually right. If they don’t vote, it doesn’t matter.
Many people turn out for the Presidential elections, but that is the only time they vote at all. Let me explain something, the President is the most powerful man in the world, but he cannot accomplish anything alone. If he did, this country would not be a democracy. He would rule as a king. So, the system that was set in place to make things fair and orderly is the Congress. The idea is this: the citizens tell their congressman what is important to them and why; people choose the candidate that most agrees with their own way of thinking and that candidate then decides on new laws according to the majority of the people of their district. If you say nothing, do nothing, never vote, never write to them, then how do they vote? They vote with those that speak up and vote.
I also hear “It won’t affect my life anyway.” So untrue… let’s think about this: remember the government shutdown? Did that affect you? Some people had unpaid days off of work, some missed their unemployment, child support and/or food stamp benefits until the situation was resolved. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were affected. Veteran and Disability benefits were slowed or halted. Even Preschool and Headstart programs were stalled. Did any of that affect your life? Well, prideful, vengeful members of Congress caused the entire ordeal. Don’t you think that those that caused this ignorant fiasco should be fired? Voting them out of office is firing them.
How about the legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, and laws on gun control? Wherever you stand on these issues needs to be heard by your representative in Congress or they will never get heard at all. What about laws against prejudice and accountability for police officers that step over the line? Do you care about any of that? Your friends that you complain to cannot do anything about any of these things, but your Congressman can.
In addition, this year there will be 36 states and 3 territories that will vote for the Governor. He is the leader of your state – so, shouldn’t you help determine who that will be? You vote for the President, but not the Governor… that is very confusing to me since the Governor has more impact on your day-to-day life than the President does. Did your state have mass layoffs in the past four years? Did more schools close in your state? What about the new changes to unemployment – did they affect you? What about tax hikes? These are State issues and you need someone who is going to help you in your life.
Make your voice heard! Let them know that you will not tolerate the foolishness that has occurred in the past! Tuesday, November 4, 2014 – be a part of the change that you want in your life!


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