It’s All About You…

You are smart, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are powerful… Did you just look through those compliments to find the one or ones that fit you? Of course you did – we all do – we are all selfish, attention seeking bastards. Yep, every one of us. Who doesn’t want a pat on the back, recognition, and reward for the things that she does well? From the time that you were a baby you loved to hear the applause and praise from your parents when you talked, walked, and went potty. You continually learned which things to do in order to get that praise and man, it felt good!

all about me

So, after all the years of learning, expecting, and then receiving that praise, were you taught that it’s a bad thing? Everything is not about you, don’t be so selfish, why should you get a reward for doing what is expected of you? Talk about mixed messages!


I believe that sometimes, it should be all about you! You work hard, you do the right thing, even when it would’ve been so much easier not to… and you do deserve some praise, recognition, and honor for it. Even when you are a mother (Oh no, now she’s going too far) you have to sometimes make the decision to take care of you first. How can you tend to them when you are completely overwhelmed and unappreciated? Why would you want to? Yeah, I know you love them with all you are and would do anything for them, but at some point they can say thank you and do some things for themselves!

Bottom Line – if you are not happy, healthy, fulfilled and appreciated, you cannot do your best work as a mom, wife, employee, partner, and every other position you play. So… DO IT!!! Look out for numero uno, demand what is due and enjoy the fruits of your labor. And don’t feel guilty about it!


u matter  happiness


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