Writing Workshop: Sources of Fiction

Okay, so chapter 1 is all about sources for your stories and it describes several successful methods to try until you find the one that is right for you.

After reading the chapter, there are short exercises used to try out what you just read. Exercise #1 says write a scene of a story from a glimpse of a group of people that you have encountered. So, here goes…

Orientation:  There were 10 of us in the small storage room/conference room, in the back of the building. We were sitting there waiting to begin our new journey. The group is mostly young men (kids, I thought) that looked like freshmen in college. Most of them average white guys and I think their fathers must have said, “Son, I worked my way up to the level that I have reached. You, too, will need to learn the value of hard work. I will not pay one red cent toward your education if you do not have a part time job!” Then, they figured why not work at a computer store – that will be easy since that’s all they do anyway – play on the computer. Mostly, the same thoughts on the young women or maybe I just watch too much t.v. But, anyway, then there is me and two others that should be well established in careers by now and in no way sitting here waiting to get a part-time, seasonal job, just to earn enough money to keep the lights and gas on at home. So, the older guy just got out of rehab for the third time and might be drunk right now, but a gig is part of the parole requirements. He used to run a company twice the size of this one and made more money that everybody in the building. Yeah, well, that was before the incident. And lastly, the other older woman – she looked tired, worn out, and enthusiastic at the same time. She’d finally broken free of him and today she starts her personal journey to freedom.

Okay, did you take the journey around the room with me? Can you visualize the people? Do you know what they might sound like? I don’t know, I give myself about a C+ on this one… what about you?


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