Entrepreneurship Corner: Today’s Tip – Start With a Vision

Vision is defined as: the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.

You need to see it before you can be it. You will not get others to believe in what you are trying to accomplish unless you believe in it with every fiber of your being. Your vision statement shows everyone exactly what you want to achieve. It is a guide for choosing your course of action. Vision statement – What will the company look like if the mission is accomplished? What your company will be in the future? Brainstorm words that speak to your company – its success.

Okay, you say, I know what I want to do… kinda… but how do I get other people to understand and help me with it. Be able to explain your vision. Close your eyes and imagine what the world will look like when you accomplish your mission. Let’s say that your idea is to eliminate homelessness. When you close your eyes, you see your team helping people get placement into shelters, getting their GEDs, starting jobs, and moving into their own places. Beautiful right? Well, you need to find a way to communicate that feeling to others. The best thing about it is – you can choose what they see. If you find the perfect wording to express your feelings, great! Put it down – everywhere! Quote it out loud all the time. Find people that want exactly what you want and find ways to work with them. They may be able to help you get to your destination. Or maybe your vision statement is a picture of a man literally moving from homeless to homeowner. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

All I’m really saying is, get your vision down and share it. That is the beginning to your success…


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