Entrepreneurship Corner: Today’s Tip – Vision Flows Into Mission

Mission is defined as: an important assignment carried out for a certain purpose.

You have the vision down, but how will you get to it? Say your vision is a world with no hunger – what steps do you take to get there? What will your company do for people? Do you just feed them? Do you teach them to cook? Do you deliver groceries? Figure out what steps you want to take and write them down. Then, trim it down to a sentence or two that encompasses everything you want to accomplish. For example, our company’s mission is to collect, organize and distribute meals to the poor once a week until no one goes hungry in our community, city, state, country, then finally, the world.

Your mission statement can be a couple of sentences or a couple of pages, but it must show people how you will accomplish your goal. It drives the company. Some companies make their employees all learn the mission and recite it in order to engrain in them why they are doing what they do. It becomes a road map for the company’s direction. Whenever you get frustrated, tired, angry, and want to quit – your mission should be able to revive you. Simply, think about what a mission is – usually heroes go on quests or missions to save the world; religions have missions to save others; nonprofits have missions that provide help for the helpless. What is your mission?

All I’m really saying is, know and believe in what you are trying to do and why and how – others will get on board if you are genuine.


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