Stop the Madness!

So, today I ran across this article on Facebook that goes on a tirade about how great it would be for Melania Trump to be the First Lady of the United States. Some person, only shown as Dylan, stated that Melania outclasses Michelle Obama in every way. He says that she is not just a “dumb model” that married a billionaire because she was born in a small town in Slovenia and she has “a degree in design and architecture from the elite University of Ljubljana…”


I usually do not stoop to the level of such idiots or give them a response in any type of way, but this one… I could not help myself. So, this man believes that because this woman is a model, then she has to be classy… come now, don’t we remember all the scandals surrounding models? Let’s not go there at all. Anyway, I am pretty sure that Harvard and Princeton degrees propel Mrs. Obama far ahead of the cute little degrees that Mrs. Trump hold. Mrs. Obama has been a lawyer, a community outreach worker, and a Chicago city administrator. She has always attended accelerated classes and values education. She has been a dedicated wife and mother and one hell of a First Lady.

first lady

Michelle Obama has personifies class, elegance, and inspiration. She has focused national attention on helping military veterans, eating healthy and eMrs Obamaxercise, national service from everyone in the country and work/life balance issues for women. But I’m sure that walking the runway somewhere will come in handy too.

I would love to see Melania Trump deliver a speech like Michelle Obama did at the Democratic National Convention in 2012! Probably will NEVER happen. So, Dylan, please get it together and “crawl back to whatever hole you came from,“ as you so eloquently put it!



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